Irish Travellers Bare Knuckle Boxing

Decca "The Machine" Heggie, the bareknuckle boxing champion of Great. gruelling fights between Irish Traveller clans recorded by Ian Palmer in his incredible work of documentary filmmaking, Knuckle.

“There’s only one champion of bare-knuckle boxing,” current world heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury recently said on a Twitter video, “and that’s Bobby Gunn. His parents were Travelers, the.

Tyson Fury, 31, the son of Irish traveller emigrants who settled. 2018 His family has a long history in boxing; his father competed in the 1980s as "Gypsy" John Fury, initially as a bare knuckle.

James Quinn McDonagh was born in Ireland in 1967. He spent the. I heard of the bare knuckle boxing stuff between travellers but this was very vivid. Hearing.

May 29, 2017. FOOTAGE taken from a documentary exploring the history of bareknuckle fighting in the Irish traveller culture shows the moment two men trade.

Oct 4, 2018. TWO Irish blokes exchanged brutal blows in a bare-knuckle boxing match to sort out their differences.

When he won the title of Bareknuckle Champion of Great Britain and Ireland, aged 28, he was 6ft. Paddy Ward is an Irish Traveller boxer from Mullingar, Co.

Travellers don’t pay taxes: This idea stems from the fact that unemployment in the Irish Traveller community was 84.3. grown through the many YouTube videos of Travelling men bare-knuckle boxing.

Jul 23, 2014. Street Fight Best Fights and KOs Compilation of 2014 Bareknuckle Boxing. Chiu Chiu. Irish Travellers Bareknuckle Fight (August 2014). 14:21.

Mar 24, 2016. The 26-year-old traveller said he has no issue with the controversial tradition, In bare knuckle fighting no one ever dies,” he said. irishmirror.

THESE are the dramatic photos which show the murky underworld of British bare-knuckle boxing. The incredible pictures give. bare-knuckle fights between travellers and they got the wrong impression.

The clip was captioned: ‘Knockout in Irish traveller bare-knuckle boxing fight’. Travellers traditionally use bare-knuckle fighting as a way to settle disputes, but fights rarely have rules or rounds.

Dec 29, 2017. Savage bare-knuckle fight between two Irish Travellers goes viral. on Dec 17 on the the Facebook page "Bare Knuckle Fighting" has had over.

A WELL-known bare-knuckle boxer was one of seven people released from garda custody last night after being questioned about firearms offences and their involvement in a violent Traveller feud. that.

Jan 9, 2013. The Romany and the Irish Travellers share similar cultures, including a rich tradition of bare-knuckle boxing. Although there are occasionally.

Gun cops raced to an industrial estate after reports that gunfire was heard following an Fight Club-style bare-knuckle fight between gypsies. number of weapons" from those attending the bout. Irish.

Irish traveller boxer James Quinn McDonagh, who was at the centre of award-winning documentary Knuckle, attended the bouts and later posted the videos on facebook. He proudly announced that his pals.

An Irish publican has told how a rampaging Irish gang in the. But then they smashed glasses and started bare knuckle boxing fights, leaving revellers terrified. The gang apparently organised.

BBC Storyville documentary ‘Knuckle’ showed bare-knuckle fighting in the Irish traveller community "With the lack of television coverage, pro boxing does not have a lot of money," he says. "If you’re.

Dec 28, 2017. Irish travellers drenched in blood after they fought in a bare-knuckle. But it's rarer to see two grown men take the fighting genre to the max.

Travellers James McDonagh and David Nevin bare knuckle fighting. about the bare-fisted boxing tradition of the Irish Travellers, might be about blood, but it's.

Bare Knuckle Boxing is a proud tradition that awards victory to the man with the. "Knuckle" Director Ian Palmer Talks Bare-Knuckle Boxing & Irish Traveller.

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Two travellers have been filmed battering each other in a bare-knuckle boxing fight illuminated by a car’s headlights. the men in the footage have broad Irish accents. The two minute-long clip was.

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Mar 7, 2018. As an art form, bare-knuckle boxing is reserved for the toughest of the. Brits, the grittiest Irish Travellers and visceral neighborhood hooligans.

Knuckle is a 2011 film about the secretive world of Irish Traveller bare-knuckle boxing. The film was made in stages over 12 years.

Jun 22, 2017. These two Irish travellers were caught on camera as they engaged in a bareknuckle boxing brutal fight.

"I knew nothing about bare knuckle boxing growing up," Palmer tells the Irish Voice. "I hadn’t even seen travelers, I was brought up in south County Dublin.” In the nineties he had aspirations to.

For those of you who may not know, Bartley Gorman (1944 – 2002) was an Irish Traveller who was the undefeated Bare-knuckle boxing champion of the United Kingdom and Ireland, often referred to as the,

Jan 16, 2019. Doherty first hit TV screens on 'Big Fat Gypsy Wedding on Channel 5, and. In one he is talking of his status in the Irish bare knuckle game.

BARE-KNUCKLE boxer Michael Quinn McDonagh ran onto the road in front of his Dundalk home screaming: "She’s dead, she’s dead" after his wife was beaten to death. The traumatised settled Traveller was.

Dec 27, 2017. Two travellers were left bloodied and bruised after they had a brutal. Facebook page Bare Knuckle Fighting shared the clip, which now has.

This is the moment two burly travellers come to blows over a long-running family. fighting each other in a bare-knuckle boxing match in an abandoned car park. The fight was filmed in a ‘secret.

Knuckle is a documentary centered around Irish bare-knuckle boxing champion James Quinn McDonagh. A member of a pseudo-gypsy Irish culture known as the travelers, McDonagh engages in several illegal.

Jul 18, 2012. He's the king of the gypsies, and he's a boxer, a bare-knuckle boxer, an Irish traveller. According to his 2002 obituary in the Telegraph,

Roy Jones Jr. took a TKO win over bare-knuckle. sided a boxing match could possibly be. After seven brutal rounds had elapsed, Gunn’s corner didn’t want to send him back out to the fray. A.